Deposition Summaries:

Deposition is an oral statement of a witness sworn on oath which is reduced into writing and taken for the purpose to gather evidence and information at the pre-trial stage. It is an integral part of the discovery process in a lawsuit and basically used to assemble evidence and information at the pre-trial stage.

Deposition Summary Services at Gracious Legal Services:

Deposition summaries are the concise form of deposition transcripts which includes accurate and relevant data from the transcripts and help the attorneys to get the crux of it without spending more time in going through hundreds and thousands of pages. Accuracy and relevancy of information are two main essentials of a deposition summary.

There are various formats for summarizing a deposition transcript. Some clients demand a specific format which is done accordingly. However, wherein there are no specific instructions, we summarize in the universally accepted formats.

At Gracious Legal Services, our well trained and skilled paralegals deal with the deposition summaries who have the expertise in the field of law, as our paralegals are also law school graduates with 5 years of legal education. The team ensures that the product delivered to our client is accurate and flawless so the client gets the best outcome. The stages involved are reviewing and collating the key points and making it in brief and concise format, proofreading the summaries to avoid the flaws and at the end, a thorough quality check is done.

However, in the entire process of product delivery, we ensure that confidentiality is maintained and secured. We have the ability to handle voluminous work with exceptional quality and reliability at extremely competitive prices and timely delivery.

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