Being among the pioneers in the legal outsourcing industry since 2001, ‘Gracious’ provides litigation support services to law firms and in-house counsel. With a team of more than 150 highly qualified lawyers and professionals‘ Gracious’ serves its clients across the globe with a wide range of litigation support services.

Litigation Support Services at Gracious

Under Litigation Support Services, we offer a gamut of services which includes legal, paralegal services, medico-legal, voice paralegal and secretarial services. These litigation services are primarily designed to assist law firms and in-house counsels in almost every task comprehensively, so the law firm and/or the in-house counsel only spend a minimal amount of time in review.

A lawsuit from the very beginning involves lots of documentation and research. In order to be efficient, the Attorney requires all the key documents and information to be well organized. The paperwork and documentation involve but not limited to notices, deposition summaries, Medical summaries/chronology, Medical records review, case summaries, e-discovery, document review, motion for summary judgments, drafting, appellate briefs, etc. By outsourcing these tasks and more, the law firm and/or the in-house counsel can save a lot of time and money. It enables them to settle cases sooner and concentrate on the core business activities.

When is outsourcing needed?

Contradictory to what many law firm owners believe, legal outsourcing is not only for large law firms and corporate entities. It is a much-needed growth tool for small and medium law firms as well, who may not necessarily have a large number of resources at their disposal all the time. Outsourcing their work gives them that buffer and can take up big cases or large assignments at any given time with a very short notice. Most of the Legal Process Outsourcing companies have a significant amount of trained resources to take on any volumes. So it is all the more recommended for small and medium law firms dealing with complex legal cases which involves deposition of several witnesses, interpretation of specialized data (which is complex and falls outside the realm of expertise and needs help in organizing, interpreting and presenting it in such a way which will enable the jury to understand), lack of time in preparing the strategy of the case, etc.

At Gracious, our professionals are well trained to serve our clients on the entire litigation process with ease. Our litigation support services benefit the clients in several ways and at different levels of the litigation process, such as, reduces the stress of going through voluminous paperwork and its management, saves money and increases productivity, easy data handling, speedy disposal of cases, reduces the scope of errors and flaws, etc.

Litigation Support Services/ Litigation Services offered by Gracious

Gracious offers a wide range of litigation services which are as follows:

Legal Services

 Paralegal Services and Medico-Legal Services