Case Summary services at Gracious:

Case Summary is basically a document which contains all the relevant details relating to the progression of a case right from the start to date. The updates and events are arranged chronologically, which helps the attorneys to go through all the updates and events that occurred in the case and are important to it for the purpose of litigation. The main highlights of the case are mentioned and the mapping of events are done. It saves time as voluminous pages and files are reduced into a couple of pages with all the relevant updates on the case from the beginning to date.

It helps the attorneys who are mostly dealing with referral cases since once they take over the case in the middle of the proceedings from other attorney or law firm they have to dig into the entire facts of the case which is a hectic and time-consuming work.

Paralegals at ‘Gracious’ have the expertise to review the entire set of documents available in the case file to date and deliver case summaries which are accurate and informative with no repetition of events and in a concise form.

However, we are not only limited to these services. To know more about our services you may Contact Us.