A complaint is a legal document which initiates a case in the court by any person claiming his rights or demands relief. A person who files a complaint is known as complainant or plaintiff and a person against whom the complaint is filed is known as a defendant. A complaint should contain the claims made by the plaintiff and specify the remedies available to the plaintiff. Based on law complaints are classified into civil as well as criminal. Civil complaints are the one which gives rise to civil actions whereas criminal complaints are the documents which originate the basis upon which a person is to be charged with some offense.

Once a complaint is filed in the court, the same has to be served to the defendant. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regulates the construction of complaints filed in Federal Courts. A complaint in general consists of these structural essentials—

  • Caption (it identifies the party to the lawsuit, location of the action, court, file number, etc.)
  • Jurisdiction of the Court
  • Cause of action or claim
  • The injury caused to the complainant
  • Demand for relief

Response to the complaint is replied by the party to whom a complaint has been served by the plaintiff making him the opposite party, i.e., defendant. A response has to be filed within the stipulated time period by the defendant.

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