Legal Discovery Process:

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Legal Discovery Process is a pre-trial process in a legal proceeding where each party can obtain evidence from the other party to the suit by way of discovery devices, i.e., interrogatories, admissions, depositions, production of documents, etc. However, there is certain information that is generally protected from discovery, such as, privileged ones, the work product of the other party, juvenile criminal records in the case of juveniles, etc.

Legal Discovery plays important role in settlement of cases as both the parties agree to settle the case or arrive at the summary judgment after discovery which avoids further expenses and risks of trial. There are various steps involved in the legal discovery process which are the discovery of documents, examination for discovery, interrogatories, pre-trial examination of witnesses and notices to admit. In the process of discovery, there are different devices used like, written discovery and depositions.

Interrogatories are part of written discovery.  Interrogatories are a set of questions prepared by attorneys sent to the opposite party in a legal proceeding. These questions are then answered by the opposite parties and also affirmed under the oath that the answers are true. Interrogatories may be used in building legal and factual defenses. The Judicial Council of California has implemented them in an official form. There are different compilations of interrogatories used in legal proceedings like Bender’s form of discovery, pattern discovery, etc.

Depositions are statements made by the witnesses and sworn on oath by them which are reduced into writing and used to gather evidence and information at pre-trial stage of a legal proceeding. It is helpful in obtaining the testimony of witnesses who are unable to appear during the trial of a case. It consists of oral examination which is followed by the cross-examination conducted by the opposite party in a case.

Legal Discovery Process At Gracious:

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