Case Management Tools At Gracious:

Case management tools are software programs used to manage cases right from start to finish. Most of the case management tools offer very similar features, though each of them could be a tat different in functionalities. These tools can be accessed remotely from your phone and almost all portable devices, so you can be at the top of the activities happening in your case. One can link documents to the tool, code the tool to generate standardized letters with just a few clicks, so the process becomes more efficient. You can send out messages, emails, faxes and so on from within the tool. Calendaring can be done, so you do not miss out on important dates and/or due dates. There are a whole lot of activities that can be done on a case management tool in terms of managing your case. Case management tools are primarily used to make the process of managing your case more efficient and less time to consume.

At Gracious, we have trained paralegals to work on almost all the case management tools like SmartAdvocate, Needles, Trial Works, Client Profiles, Legal Files, etc. We have the expertise to work on the tools right from start to finish of a case. Some of the activities are like opening new case files, archiving old cases, populating cases, coding the tool, generating letters, linking documents, creating and following up on due dates and much more.

To discuss more on how we can help you manage your case management tool, please contact our sales rep today.