GRACIOUS is based out of California with delivery centers in India. Founded with the right spirit and leveraging high quality and efficient work force, we offer comprehensive Legal outsourcing services to law firms and global corporations.

As it is understood; to stay ahead in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it is important for companies to be extremely innovative in their approach and improvise processes rapidly to ensure a stable market share. Our strategic approach and mature processes have enabled our clients to track down the bottlenecks in the progress of their business and multiple growths in a short span of time.

The value that is being delivered to our clients 24/7/365 is through our strategic approach, operational excellence, functional and industry knowledge, responsiveness and effective management.

Litigation support services runs in our DNA and we leave no stones unturned to ensure the best possible support to our esteemed clients. In addition to the gamut of services we offer, our lawyers, paralegals and paramedics have been well trained and have exhaustive experience in assisting you in voluminous document review, deposition summaries, medical summaries/medical chronology, medical records review, billing summaries and more. In a nutshell; at GRACIOUS we have the expertise to assist you in almost all the tasks right from the intake stage to settlement or trial.



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Your support has been great throughout. We are considering adding more people to the team, will let you know next week.

Office Manager of a midsize law firm in NY

This is excellent and right on target. The cases are more for State (rather than local) agency issues, but the Memo hit on all of the points and answered the questions thoroughly.

Owner of a small law firm in MD



Just wanted to let you know that the work you sent me recently was excellent. Thank you for your efforts. I am very appreciative of working with Gracious.

Owner of a small law firm in CA