Drafting Demand Letter:

A Settlement Demand Letter is a legal document of presenting facts about the accident/injury and its aftermath with the intent of persuading the insurance adjuster to provide adequate compensation to the plaintiff. It’s a critical task to draft a demand/settlement letter since it’s a letter for settlement negotiations and usually drafted before filing a lawsuit. It includes reasons why the recipient is at fault or is insured, damages caused and injuries sustained and compensation. There are various things required to be looked into while drafting a demand/settlement letter, such as calculating the damages, going through medical records, medical treatment, property damage or economic losses, wage loss, etc.

Key elements of a demand letter: 

  • Summary of facts describing the incident
  • A detailed description of injuries, pain, and suffering with ICD 9/10 codes and CPT codes
  • List of medical expenses/medical bills
  • Discussion/confirmation of accident liability
  • Impact on activities of daily living and future medical expenses
  • Injury settlement demand amount

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