Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting means the preparation of legal document which is reduced into writing various legal documents, including but not limited to, agreements, briefs, letters, memos, motions, response to motions, contracts, wills, etc., and it covers rights, duties, and liabilities of a person or a legal entity. It involves substantive knowledge of the law, strategies to represent a client in a particular transaction, negotiating skills, etc. It is a structured method of writing which has to be followed by several rules. To draft a legal document one has to understand the legal context, the area of law, known as the language used by the courts and attorneys, etc. Before drafting a legal document there are certain things that are required to be done first, such as, organizing of thoughts, use of simple and clear language, anticipating the impact on the interpretation, etc.

Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting Services and Legal Research at Gracious

At Gracious, Legal drafting is handled by our lawyers who have exhaustive experience and are well qualified, trained and are aware of the various laws in order to draft complex legal documents.  Our lawyers have a strong command over language with the ability to dispense with abstract concepts, organizational skills, investigative instincts, etc. Drafting of complex legal documents are done with immense care to make it flawless and with all the efforts to facilitate strong arguments in favor of the client. We understand the importance of drafting and its purpose and we are also aware of the need to enhance the professional drafting skills required in today’s world.

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