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Medical Summary / Chronology or also known as medical synopsis is a document which consists of a record of all the medical events in chronological order. It’s a well-prepared document with an extensive review of the medical records and arrangement of the same. The review involves going through medical records like physician’s notes, consultation notes, progress notes, operating room records, etc. The medical summary provides information essentially but not limited to cause of injury or accident, details on entry to the hospital and discharge from the hospital diagnostic testing revelation, details on care given to the patient, diagnosis/ assessment report of the patient, surgical reports, physical and occupational therapy, medical expenses, negligence on the part of the provider, etc. There are different formats for summarizing the medical records. Based on clients’ demand for specific formats it is delivered accordingly.

Medical Summaries

Medical records received from various facilities are usually disorganized and considering the sheer volume of the records, it becomes more difficult for the attorneys and paralegals to review. Summarizing of medical records is a very important part of a personal injury, mass tort, nursing home abuse, long-term care, medical malpractice and allied cases. It is crucial for both settlement and/or trial preparation.

When Medical Summaries are Required

  • In case of independent medical examination
  • Preparation and identification of exhibits
  • Case overview, ascertaining the extent of the injury and assessing the claim
  • Response to interrogatories
  • Preparation of questions for deposition
  • Drafting settlement demands

At ‘Gracious’ our team of medico-legal which includes doctors and nurse consultants is well trained to review the medical records and prepare medical chronology and medical summaries as per client’s preferred format, including comprehensive medical summary as well as a narrative medical summary. So the final version is a Doctor’s reviewed medical summary/chronology. Since he/she understands the nature of the business, one can be assured of getting the most accurate, easy to understand, fact-based, insightful, customized and concise medical summary. While reviewing the records we primarily work on the case focus, churn out and highlight important information related to the case. The missing records are highlighted to let the person referring it know which part of the record is missing. Before delivering it to the clients these documents are indexed, bookmarked and hyperlinked IF REQUIRED.

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