Motion for Summary Judgments and Response to the Motion for Summary Judgments

Motion for Summary Judgments is a motion moved when a party to a lawsuit requests the court to decide the case in favor of the party making the motion during pre-trial stage. In such lawsuits person who files the motion for summary judgment is known as moving party. A motion is filed along with other documents which support the motion to be passed. These supporting documents are—

  • affidavits;
  • depositions;
  • admissions;
  • declarations;
  • answers to interrogatories; and
  • brief or memorandum including main arguments and facts.

However, the defense could raise an objection by affidavits or written declarations or through authorities that there are facts having triable issues. And if there lies any such issues which can go for trial such motion could be denied and the case will proceed for trial. After a motion for summary judgment is filed, opposite party can file a response to the motion, which gives the opposite party the chance to raise arguments and support it with evidence which can show that a material question of fact exists.

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Response to the Motion for Summary Judgments

Response to the motion for summary judgment is opposing a motion by way of making arguments and presenting evidence to show that a material question of fact exists by the opposite party to a lawsuit. Such response has to be reduced in writing and it also requires supporting documents as required in seeking motion which includes a statement of facts, memorandum of points and authorities, etc. The response has to be served to the other party.

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