Medical Record Retrieval:

Medical Record Retrieval is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Medical records are asked for in several litigation cases, like, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, mass tort, nursing home abuse, etc. In these cases, medical records provide various important information for the litigation process though it’s not easy to gather, organize and analyze all the medical records since such records have to be identified and acquired from several sources.

Process of Medical Record Retrieval:

Medical Record Retrieval process is carried out in several steps and the service providers formulate the key strategies and adopt best practices to simplify and speed up the process. The first step involves getting permission from the patient to request the records. This process also requires HIPAA authorization and consent of the patient, i.e., signed form and also other authorizations in case the patient is deceased or incapacitated.

Most of the times medical records are in the form of hardcopy and to store them and manage, it will require so much of space further sharing records in hardcopy form needs duplication which can be expensive as well as involves confidentiality issues. So it is advisable to go for digital records as it is easy to store, share, review and organize in addition to that it safer with respect to data security concerns. One should assess the details and request of the record for specific documents to ensure that have a complete record. After determining the merits of the case, one should go for retrieval of the additional trial record. Once the records are obtained, they have to be reviewed, organized and analyzed.

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