Appellate Briefs

Appellate Brief is a legal document reduced into writing and filed by the aggrieved party before a superior court of competent jurisdiction to review the decision of the lower court. The aggrieved party who files an appellate brief is called an appellant. It should contain the reasons for which the appellant has been forced to file it, how the lower court has failed to meet the ends of justice, whether the lower court went beyond its judicial capacity to decide the case, etc. However, one cannot go for appeal in each and every case as there is no absolute right to appeal in case of every lower court decisions. Statutes provide and set jurisdiction for each case to be appealed in the respective appellate court.

There are important aspects which are to be looked into before filing an appellate brief before the superior court, such as, an appeal can only be made once the final decree or order has been made by the lower court. Once the lower court has pronounced the final verdict and nothing more is to be decided in that particular case only then one can go for an appeal. The aggrieved party has to mention the relevant grounds for filing the appellate brief. It has to be filed with a prescribed time limit as provided under the statute. The appellate brief is followed by a notice which is to be served to the opposite party.

It should be filed along with the exhibits and original papers filed with the trial court, transcript of the testimony, affidavit, etc. There are certain rules which are provided in statutes regarding how to file and in what format it has to be filed and what all necessary details it should contain. To avail services on appellate brief you may contact us through our Sales Representative.


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