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Legal Document Review is a process that involves analyzing and deciding upon documents relevancy to a particular case. It’s a crucial part of legal proceedings which is the most labor-intensive and expensive. In a litigation process, it’s a challenging task to review bundles of documents for their relevancy to the case time is a critical factor. Either medico-legal or technical documents or web pages one has to go through every document and review it systematically.

Document review requires a review of a large chunk of documents, which obviously are not organized. Simple indexing of documents can take up hundreds of valuable billing hours for your staff. Most of the time, even with the use of electronic document review platforms there is a possibility of missing out on important information related to the case, due to the sheer volume of the documents.

At the beginning the documents are analyzed for relevancy and are marked for a particularly relevant subject matter then these are processed. After this more detailed review is conducted by the legal professionals who consider which documents should be withheld from production. Documents can be put on hold for various reasons, such as responsiveness, privilege, relevance, confidentiality, etc.

Every document which has to be reviewed should be done strictly adhering to the guidelines. The review guidelines form the base for the consistent document review which includes complete and sufficient details to serve as a reference. The guidelines should consist of a summary of basic instructions, sample documents, tagging instructions with details and specifications, names of concerned parties and/or attorneys, contact details of the project manager, etc. However, the guidelines have to be flexible enough to introduce new instructions to it if required.

Document Review

Document Review Services at Gracious

At Gracious, we have well-trained document review experts with exhaustive experience in various areas of law. Considering the deep industry knowledge of our expert’s posses, we understand each case and churn out the important information for your benefit. We offer High quality, flexible and low-cost services with expertise in the field of law. Contact us.


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