Feds Crack Down on ‘Street Drug Alternatives’ (FDA)

Two companies promoting their products as alternatives to street drugs were warned by the FDA that they were selling unapproved and misbranded drugs.

In a press release, the FDA said that the manufacturers of Legal Lean Syrup, which may be meant as an alternative to cough syrup mixed with soda, and Coco Loko, marketed as snortable chocolate “snuff,” both pose safety concerns for consumers. Legal Lean Syrup contains the pharmaceutical compound doxylamine, which was not included in the product labeling and can pose serious health concerns, the FDA said. Coco Loko contains taurine and guarana, “neither of which have been evaluated for intranasal administration.” The agency also noted potential risks of snorting any powder substance.

The companies have 15 days to respond to the FDA and correct the issues noted, or they may face regulatory action.


Image Source :https://www.confectionerynews.com/Article/2017/12/13/Snortable-chocolate-Coco-Loko-labeled-street-drug-alternative-by-FDA

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