Full Service LPOs vs. Task Specific LPOs

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Industry has emerged with the concept of globalization and is growing rapidly. The reason behind its rapid growth is the increased demand for legal outsourcing services at low cost since the litigation costs are getting ridiculously high day by day and with the bunch of legal proceedings going on, lawyers find it difficult to spend hours in paralegal and other legal support work. Nowadays most of the law firms either large or small, in-house counsels and corporate legal departments consider LPO industry to be helpful and efficient in getting their work done. The industry since its emergence till date faces several challenges, such as, quality, client relationship, security and confidentiality issues, ethical implications, service level agreements, certifications to address the security and confidentiality concerns, etc, and by overcoming all the challenges, the outsourcing industry has emerged as a go-to solution for most of the law firms and corporate entities, irrespective of their size

Based on different types of services provided by LPOs, they are classified into full-service LPOs and task-specific LPOs. Full-Service LPOs provide a full range of LPO services. They are well established as well as large organizations in this industry. One can get all the services done on a single platform rather than dividing tasks into different LPOs who are dealing with specific LPO services. Task-Specific LPOs are those which provide legal outsourcing in a particular field like document review, contract review, and so on. It delivers specific services and not a bunch of legal outsourcing services.

Most of the law firms and in-house counsels prefer full-service LPOs reason being they get all their work done from a single source which saves their time and money. Task-Specific LPOs are good options when one has to avail a specific task. Most of the task-specific LPOs have clients from big law firms and organizations since it might turn costly for small organizations and law firms to avail services from such LPOs. Whereas Full Service LPOs are better options for both large as well as small organizations and facilitates several benefits when compared to task-specific LPOs, such as cost saving, everything on a common platform, time-saving, fits all organizations’ needs, etc.

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